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The definition of spa-SPA.
In contemporary "Spa" is a place of comfort, dedicated to the treatment of both physical Mental and emotional. In order to acquire good health and good life. Spa is in terms of treatment and therapy. Spa is based on the utilization of vitamins and minerals from nature. Contemporary spa provides relief from sports injuries. Through medical treatment facilities. Relax. Provide care and nurture both the physical and emotional beauty, the spa has created a unique style that has become prominent in the location and decor. Must pay more attention and respect for nature and the environment is considerable.

Spa international organizations: ISPA.
The assortment of spa treatments into groups as follows.
The yacht club, spa, spa hot springs spa, Destination Spa Hotel and Resort Spa Day Spa Medical Spa Stories that have been popular in Thailand. It's most commonly seen as a spa resort hotel and spa. Destination Spa and Medical Spa.
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Styles and spa services.
I received from the spa. Available in a variety of ways and depends on the choice of what kind of spa.
Spa services are also available. Body massage. Sauna or a herbal body scrub and wrap. Hydrotherapy or water therapy, nutrition therapy, exercise, a variety of forms. Meditation and spiritual practice, music therapy, light therapy, which relies on light to the power of natural herbs, stones or crystal healing.
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Elements of the health spa.
The definition of the elements of health and beauty spa. Should include factors such as physical, mental and spiritual healing art of massage and beauty treatment, water movement and exercise. Expression to the rhythm of life, culture and location management system to read more.

Herbal Spa.
The way the world changes. People today are faced with a variety of stress. Both work. Personal matters. News about the country. Or even a non-issue. It also has numerous health problems. We strive to find ways of natural healing. Replacement therapy, chemical risk of subsequent disease.
Herbs are another alternative in the way of nature. Anek infinitely valuable. People are conscious and selective. To treat the symptoms that beset, as well as for beauty.
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Thai Spa - Spa West
 Announced by the Ministry of Health. The classification of "Thai Spa - Spa West".
 The nature of the spa is divided into three types.
 1. "Spa West".
 2. "Thai Spa" also known as "Thai Spa".
 3. "Authentic Thai spa, or spa, traditional Thai".
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Ear Aromatherapy or Ear Candeling.
Stress from work ... Pain in the ear of the phone ... Or even a sinus ... As well as respiratory difficulties ... These problems can stay up with a simple method. Popular Science called the treatment of ... "Spa ear," the word "spa ears" would not be as familiar as a common spa treatment in spite of the traditional sciences of man. Today, Thailand is the science that was open. By treatment with smoke from candles. To massage the nerves in the ear. Associated with the body.
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Spa Hand and Foot Spa.
What does "hand spa" and "foot spa" has become popular, not less than a foot massage. Most customers are women. Adolescence to old age. Because it is a relaxing, affordable care, feet and hands. After you use a heavy hand and foot. Hand-carrying the handling of Especially women, middle-aged and over by then. Common inflammatory disease of the wrist and fingers become locked. This is because the hand position was repeated hard enough. The foot is the organ to body weight, nearly ran throughout the day to walk to work hard. The nerve center of the 62 organs that affect the functioning of other organs. In the foot by people both men and women doing the "foot spa" was equally popular.
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Fish therapy spa.
Benefits of the spa water through all that Caracas is to help eat the dead skin cells. Do not take any scurf The island and snatch a short electrical shock, called Spark vibration absorbing function of the dead skin cells. Bacteria and fungi that cause foot odor. The saliva of these fish species release an enzyme which acts Enzyme Diathanol stimulate new skin cells and helps cells to repair the wear and tear. Keeps the skin moist and helps to maintain a crack at the heel. The fish will nibble a little jump in my Jeep. The electric current induced by light. It makes you feel relaxed and comfortable feet.
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