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     The types of spas.

      International spa organizations. (ISPA) has been allocated. "The Spa", a group of seven major groups using the criteria of the place.

1. Club and Spa.
The spa focuses on exercise. Capacity building in the strength of the body. The spa is small, as part of the facility and the body. Or health center. Those who exercise to unwind. And providing sports massage oil to relax the muscles in the sauna, steam and hot water as well as yoga or other exercise room, spa type, there will be no overnight service. Ideal for athletes and people with physical force.

2. Spa on the cruise.
The spa combines relaxing on a cruise ship, with an emphasis on exercise and healthy food preparation, nutrition, beauty therapy, massage or other activities. To calm the mind. The users are happy, comfortable and relaxed during the journey. Trends in the spa on a cruise ship. It has been more popular.

3. Hot Spring Spas.
The spa services using natural mineral water hot springs and wells. Treatments in particular. Due to the hot springs and mineral springs. Which vary in each.
The hot spring spa that is the measuring of minerals at least 2 times a year to see if the mineral right or not. Too high or something is toxic or not. Hot springs are used in the treatment of arthritis, gout, heart disease, kidney disease, etc., should be higher than the mineral with sulfuric acid in the blood and water is 40-46 degrees Celsius, the extent of sulfur to treat skin diseases, but there are restrictions for people. disease, hypertension, lung disease, diabetes, acute phase. Vascular inflammation. And loss of nerve exposed to heat - cold
Natural hot spring or hot spring is both relaxing and health care are the attractions in one visit. In our country. There are many opportunities to develop as a tourist destination spa in the future as well Ranong Hot Hot Hot Chae Son, Lampang, Bavaria Suan Phung, Ratchaburi, Kanchanaburi, etc. hot water output of mineral rocks. these Can treat some skin diseases because of the Sulfur mixed

4. Destination Spa
The spa focuses on long-term residents to continue to do. Health or the health of consumers, the better. Offers a holistic spa. A full range of services such as consulting advice. Health care. Exercise Massage, various forms of balancing by means of heating and cooling of water is called hydrotherapy, yoga, meditation may have a medical alternative to the spa to provide guidance to health care and accurate. followed by drinks and food in a kitchen, a spa (Spa Cuisine) as a nutrition therapist and a nutritionist will give advice on diet is helpful. Whether it is a vitamin. Full of energy, minerals, or foods low High-fiber diet. Focus on eating fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, meat, fish, no meat, no cigarettes, alcohol in a spa resort with a holistic manner, it is both the Resort and Destination Spa in the same time.

5. Hotel & Resort Spa
As well as spa and massage place especially with a good atmosphere. Scenery and beautiful landscape. Along with skin care and treatment of stress specialist. Spa hotels and resorts spread across all regions of the major hotels and resorts. In the main attractions such as Chiang Rai, Phuket, Samui, Pattaya, Hua Hin, etc. on a place to relax. Highlighted as a place to relax. The importance of massage treatments at more than a matter of the beauty. Because users tend to be guests of hotels and resorts. This is a temporary opportunity to use our unique services. It's the beauty treatments will be beneficial to repeat several times with other activities such as milk, mineral water baths and steam sauna. Basic services, the spa is almost universally required. In particular, the steam of a sauna and steam room. Some may have a skin care spa, body scrub, hand and foot spa as well. If a customer regularly.

6. Day Spa
The spa no overnight rooms. A short time, about 1-5 hours, mainly focused on the beauty and relaxation. Day Spa is a type of spa services as much as possible at this time. Tend to emphasize their beauty and relaxation treatments in a short time, just a few hours. The course to nutritional food. The exercise is a relatively high growth in business for 10 years as an investment is not quite like any other spa may be used for office and residential buildings, commercial buildings, shopping malls. Shops in the airport. The trees around the house converted into a day spa is not difficult to find out if your current customer base will be used in large quantities

7. Medical Spa
The health spa treatments. The service will focus on physician-oriented than most other spa treatments are combined with the nature of medical science. This may be a medicine or alternative medicine. Often a combination of knowledge of modern medicine and oriental medical science, which has since ancient times. To build a new health care. Focus on troubleshooting the cause of the disease. As well as self-care. Under the supervision of the specialist physician and a specialist Medical Spa is popular abroad, a long time. Present in Thailand itself, have been popular. They are often part of larger private clinics or hospitals. Some of the spa and beauty as a health spa and a group of users of Medical spa treatment for patients who need to Alternative Medicine. Including those who need rehabilitation. It is usually in middle age. Older, mostly with activities such as the lower colon. Acupuncture, hydrotherapy, sun bathing, with the addition of oxygen, drying herbs, massage, nutrition therapy, etc.
The opening of this spa must be licensed to practice.
By medical personnel. Equipment and technology.

     The spa seven categories mentioned above also have a home spa is a spa at home by purchasing the necessary equipment and the use of the service, at home spa with a staff. The service at home. Because many people think. Why waste money on expensive bath, massage skin to many different spas are common because many services in the spa, they do at home. Immersed in a water bath, such as essential oils. Flower lovers to soak in the tub like it to be comfortable. No one comes to timing. Some funds may have a whirlpool or Jacuzzi tubs. The herbal steam oven models have made many sales.
Among the "spa" range, the "spa" that has been popular in Thailand. It's most commonly seen as a spa resort hotel and spa. Destination Spa and Medical Spa.

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